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Beat the www-- internet undercuts with the RoseHall’s-- ‘Win-Win-Wholesale’

RoseHall llc as creators and Publishers of Cheryl Rose-Hall’s ‘Art Through the Eyes of the Soul’ introduce our ‘Win-Win-Wholesale-’ for approved wholesalers,Daghda Vision s.r.o. is setting up expanded Distribution for UK/Europe, the book is primed to be just a few clicks away for wholesale orders as we fine tune shipping arrangement structures.

For US and Canadian orders are go through our US Distributors Book Masters/Atlas we look forward to shortly, presenting our UK & EU, distribution details, for info e-mail Toby[at]

In order to better serve both the Bookshops who carry ‘Art Through the Eyes of the Soul’, and not be undermined by excessive distributor charges and costs which facilitate unsustainable internet reductions, of often 30% or more we have decided to tightly control and channel availability away from industry hurting discounts.

The savvy shopper is increasing using the bookshop as a ‘sample zone’ and then ordering online. - with RoseHall’s ‘Win-Win-Wholesale’ will work avoid this industry damaging pain to Bookshops.

We do have ‘Art Through the Eyes of the Soul’, available from at £19.99

A price inline with recommended retail price.

We wish to support Bookshops by 1/ keeping web prices in line as much as possible, in order to do this we have decided to manage distribution in Europe, through Daghda Vision sro, an affiliated Czech company.

Our objective is to both streamline and enhance the business for both you the re-seller and author and publisher.

RoseHall’s - ‘Win-Win-Wholesale-’ how does it work?

  1. We will reduce the wholesale price on this beautiful, 128 page full colour book from £11.69 to £10--00. You pay shipping/handling.
  1. With both your first and second order we will include a complimentary free copy of ‘Art Through the Eyes of the Soul'.
  1. Orders placed are through and paid at time of ordering via pay-pal /credit card on pay-pal. This reduces paperwork and is time saving for both you and us.

It’s as simple as that !! Win-Win-Wholesale, three easy steps to beating internet, undercutting, together we can do it. Order today for book purchasing the streamlined way.

Let’s win together.

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