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An Cailleach Bhéarra
© Cheryl Yambrach Rose

From the earliest days, the Cailleach has been venerated as the National Mother Goddess and Protectress of the Land of Ireland.

In this painting, she is seen in her Ancient Cairn on Slieve Gullion, in Co. Armagh.

On the horizon can be seen the Cairn topped hills of Slieve na Cailleach, at Loughcrew, Oldcastle, Co. Meath which are also named in honour of her.

Around her Cairn walls are glyphs ancient and modern, depicting both the glory and destruction of nature.

Aroused by the needless desecration of her primal sacred landscape, she cautions against the folly of the proposed powerlines through Counties Sligo and Roscommon.

Welcome to Gorilla-Croquet

For five years the people of Counties Sligo and Roscommon and others with an interest and appreciation of Ireland's Cultural Heritage, have been attempting through every official avenue to have an honest and transparent evaluation of the 'need for' and 'effects of' the ESB's proposed erection of fifty six kilometers of 30 meter high steel towers/pylons through Ireland's earliest and most significant unspoiled Ritual Landscape.

Failure by the County Councils, an Bord Pleanála, and Dúchas/The National Monuments section of the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, to fully appraise or evaluate the development, have in large part been due to misinformation and lobbying. No oral hearing was allowed, many questions remain unanswered, and due process circumvented.

People and businesses have left the region and more are leaving, others are not coming, the region is about to be needlessly blighted. The local communities have tirelessly sought to have their infrastructural needs evaluated in an business like manner.

This site is an heart felt response after repeated failure to have an success by more orthodox ways.

Grave was the news,
of the untimely chain sawing,
of the noble Lone Hawthorn Tree.

Life withdrawn, Life denied.
Before my time, the Hawthorn cried.

I am cut but my spirit is free.

From her valley home, for a hundred years and more,
birds young and old fed on her ripe fruit-berries.
From her close knit branches they flew to,
the crannóg of the black oak boat, below.

Close to the Garavogue river,
he lent in saying, 'the Faery Tree is felled'.
I fear they may have loosed
the power of the Bullaun Stones.

An Cailleach Bhéarra, Garavogue by name,
on her journey long ago, the valley she did visit.
She settled nearby on Slieve Daeane,
where she built some Temples true.

From those Cairns she leapt and flew,
with apron full of stones, she landed over by Loughcrew.
A mythic land in ancient days she and the ancestors grew.
Enchanted was the 'Green Isle' through.

The 'Cauldron of Harmonious Wisdom',
slipped from the minds of generations new.
Our sacred heritage and culture,
ravaged by the modern vulture.

The Cairn crowned mountains of,
Knocknashee, Knocknarea and Slieve Daeane,
all were seen from the Hawthorn tree.

Now she lies dead....

Who cares? Who hears her cry?

Round these mythological hills, valleys, and lakes,
through the Caves of Keash, and Moytura
The Daghda, the Morrigan, Balor, and Lugh,
fought and loved. Maeve and the Fianna,
Diarmait agus Gráinne's Labba too.

From their mystic, mythic bed,
the Nature Beings are full of dread.
The tree is cut an omen foul.

Destroying, nature, heritage and communities — needlessly.
We live in a time of seeming blind insanity.
Some common sense would need to be employed.
So Sligo's mythic land, can for ever more live and be enjoyed.

Too late to ask the Hawthorn Tree?

'Bury the powerlines before they bury thee.'
The parting prayer of the Hawthorn Tree.

© 2004 Toby Hall.

Frank Mulligan with a section of Underground Cable ( 3 of these laid along to road in a utility corridor would do away with the need for 56 kilometers of 30 meter plus high steel towers, through the landscape). This underground cable can also carry the digital fiber optic cables the ESB plan to add to the line, this fiber optic cable will be major revenue earner for the ESB.

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